Hala produkcyjno-magazynowa
o powierzchni 3700m2.
Cynkownia galwaniczna oraz automatyczna linia lakiernicza.

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Please, allow us to introduce our products, schools and kindergarten equipment.

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For over 15 years, Expo-Drew Company is a manufacturer of display stands for ceramic tiles, advertising display stands for clothing, stands for ceramic tiles and POS display systems used for the presentation of various kinds of products.

Bathroom Furniture

You are welcome to look through our vision of bathroom space development. All the furniture which is included in the EXconception system which was designed in mind of the maximum comfort of use for our customers. During the process of their stirring, we try to obtain optimal functionality, while not forgetting the aesthetic appearance.

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Post boxes

At Expo-drew we have a complete range of domestic and commercial high-quality post boxes which can also be customised to our customers’ needs. Made of strong and durable metal, our post boxes are available in a variety of colour options and finishes.

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We are happy to create a better play environment for our families. We know that play improves children`s happiness and emotional well-being. By producing all kinds of playgrounds, we increase children`s levels of physical activity. We pay special attention to safety factors like a proper design, fall surfacing, and maintenance.

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They trusted us:

P.P.H.U. EXPO-DREW Kazimierz Pacan
Sołek 5 26-300 Opoczno
NIP: 768-162-19-29
Oddział Opoczno: P.P.H.U. EXPO-DREW
26-300 Opoczno ul. Piotrkowska 197a