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For over 15 years, Expo-Drew Company is a manufacturer of display stands for ceramic tiles, advertising display stands for clothing, stands for ceramic tiles and POS display systems used for the presentation of various kinds of products. The main product line includes display stands for ceramic tiles. In the production of these stands we combine different materials such as metal, wood, MDF, glass and plexiglass. Thanks to the experience gained over the last years, we are constantly expanding our offer of products. The offer includes, among other things:
- Equipment of schools and kindergartens (school and kindergarten chairs, bookcases, cabinets, desks, unregulated chairs, changing rooms, lockers, hangers);
- Playgrounds;
- Outdoor fitness appliances (open-air single gyms, in sets or with a pylon);
- Mailboxes.


All our realizations start from the idea, which is reflected in projects made in graphic programs such as Solidworks and Alphacam.
The use of these programs allows the presentation of the product for a client without the need to prepare the prototype.
Thanks to the excellent staff and advanced technology, we can meet any challenge in the field of POS systems.
We always try to be perfect, both in terms of quality and punctuality. Our strong position in the market and long-term cooperation with a number of trusted suppliers enable us to conduct a balanced pricing policy.
Several hundred companies trusted us. These companies represent a broad spectrum of industries, operating in many markets – both domestic and foreign. The majority of them are our regular and satisfied clients.



Our company has a modern, innovative machinery stock, from the department of woodworking and wood materials, we have got such machines as:

  • Homag machining centres

    - venture 20 4-axial
    - BMG 3 11 5-axial
    - BHX 200 CNC drill
    - Brandt KDF 680
    - Holzma 350

  • Cefa Kleenspray varnishing line

    Department of metalworking profile, pipes, sheets supplied which are such machines as:

  • Bystronic BySprint Pro 3015 flat laser with the table measuring 1500x3000
  • Lasertube LT722D laser treatment of cavities, tubes, profiles, semi-closed
  • CNC ELECT 63 BLM pipes and profiles bending machine
  • Schrooder sheet flanging machine
  • Powder varnishing line

    UV printing house department has got machines such:

  • Ploter W Durst RHO 750
  • Ploter UV Durst P-10
  • Ploter UV HP sitex 750
  • Varnishing line to refinement prints includes:

    - 2 pieces of roller applicators
    - 2 pieces of UV oven
    - 2 pieces of brushing for elements cleaning
    - GVW wide grinder to high-gloss varnish



    For over 15 years we are gaining the trust of our clients by offering them the highest quality products. Due to the constantly changing expectations of the market, out actions are oriented to continuous development and improvement of all stages of production and expend the offer of products.
    Innovativeness is our priority:
    - We analyze the needs of the market, we try to identify, and even overtake all current trends,
    - We invest in the purchase of modern machines from renowned producers,
    - We plan and implement the most advanced global technologies,
    - We systematically improve procedures for the quality control system,
    - We maintain high standards of the quality and punctuality management system.

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